World Art Vision is a curated art fair for international artists who want to promote themselves without the intervention from galleries. Artists, collectors and art enthusiasts participate in a rich calendar of collateral events organized for a culturally relevant public audience. The cultural part is fundamental for WAV that is not organized just to sell, but to show and meet the artists, to making the visitor experience interactive and exciting.

World Art Vision has now displayed high-quality art in two prestigious locations: the Cancun Center, Mexico, in 2008, located in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone and the Real Círculo Artístico of Barcelona, in 2011, in the most visited area of Spain, the Barrio Gotico.

Both exhibitions were enriched by a successful vernissage and gala dinner with critics, journalists and important local personalities present and by a series of collateral events: lectures, concerts and artists and critics meeting the public.

WAV will be a vital source for all visitors, art professionals and fans, who will discover new developments in the world of contemporary art and artworks from across the globe. Mid-career and emerging artists can expose together.
Exchange cultural ideas.
Discover contemporary art.
Enrich meaningful connections.

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