World Art Vision is a curated exhibition for international independent artists. Collectors, art enthusiasts and artists participate in a rich calendar of collateral events organized for a culturally relevant public audience. The cultural part is fundamental for WAV that is not organized just to sell, but to show and meet the artists, to making the visitor experience interactive and exciting.



A new exciting WorldArtVision project started in September 2019

world tour 2019 – 2020


WAV is a vital source for all visitors, art professionals and fans, who  discover new developments in the world of contemporary art and artworks from across the globe. 

Exchange cultural ideas
Discover contemporary art
Enrich meaningful connections

World Art Vision has now displayed high-quality art in prestigious locations: the Cancun Center, Mexico, in 2008, located in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone; the Real Círculo Artístico of Barcelona, in 2011, in the most visited area of Spain, the Barrio Gotico; the Cultural Center La Vaguada, in Madrid, Spain in 2014. In December 2016 WorldArtVision artists exhibited at Art Fusion Galleries in the Wynwood Art District in Miami, during the Art Basel week.

The Mexican edition of WAV in 2008 paid tribute to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera welcoming “los fridos” Arturo Garcia Bustos and Arturo Estrada, talented artists assistants to Frida Kahlo and Rina Lazo original artist and assistant to Diego Rivera. And a short film directed by Iranian artist Danish Saroee documenting a conversation between Rina Lazo, Arturo Garcia Bustos, Arturo Estrada and Gregorio Luke, a recognized expert in the art of Latin America, was shown in the second edition of WAV in Barcelona.