Past editions

Eighty artists from five continents participated in the first edition of WAV Cancun, Mexico, in December 2008, almost sixty participated in the second edition in Barcelona in 2011. Then two WAV events (with big parties, public relations opportunity and exhibition) took place in Madrid, in February 2012 and in February 2014 during the “Semana del Arte” and the ARCO art fair. In December 2016 WorldArtVision artists exhibited at Art Fusion Galleries in Miami, during the Art Basel week.
WAV is primarily an opportunity for artists to exhibit their latest works, but it is also an opportunity to meet other artists, participate in events and conferences and meet visitors, collectors and art critics. An original showcase for international contemporary artists exhibiting painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, installation, video and digital art.
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The Mexican edition of WAV in 2008 paid tribute to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera welcoming “los fridos” Arturo Garcia Bustos and Arturo Estrada, assistants and talented artists Frida Kahlo and Rina Lazo original artist and assistant to Diego Rivera. And a short film directed by Iranian artist Danish Saroee documenting a conversation between Rina Lazo, Arturo Garcia Bustos, Arturo Estrada and Gregorio Luke, a recognized expert in the art of Latin America, was shown in the second edition of WAV in Barcelona.

5000 international visitors attended the 2011 edition in Barcelona, with artists, collectors and art enthusiasts participating in a rich calendar of collateral events organized for a culturally relevant public audience. The cultural part is fundamental for WAV that is not organized just to sell, but to show and meet the artists, to making the visitor experience interactive and exciting. WAV is one of the rare occasions where visitors have the opportunity to speak directly with the artists (who in any case will be happy to sell a work).